Saturday, October 11, 2008

We are not alone!

Hey 'yall,

Our little blog has just joined the wider Atheist community by being added to the Atheist Blogroll! Its a growing collection of like-minded blogs from around the world. Check it out on the sidebar towards the bottom. Also, if you have another blog you would like added to the blogroll, let Mojoey of Deep Thoughts know and he'll hook you up!

While we're on the subject, lets talk about some of the other features of the blog. For starters, there's the Atheist Google search. Its like a normal search, but biased toward our beliefs (or lack thereof). I just typed in Spore and got this hilarious video from the creature creator. I also typed in Jesus (after seeing the video) and found atheists for jesus as the first result. The second result is an interesting article by Richard Dawkins.

Below the archive and subscription links, which are pretty self explanatory, is the slideshow. It basically displays anything on flickr tagged with the word "Atheism." So, if you want to throw something in the mix, just go on flickr and tag it. Because its unfiltered, some of the pictures are bound to be from religious folks trying to piss us off, but thats all part of the fun!

You may have noticed the ads on the blog. As full disclosure, I do earn revenue from those ads. I've made $1.30 so far!!!! The ads are based on the content of the site, which is rather Atheism heavy, so just like the pictures, many of the ads are meant to try and convert us... because I know so many folks that have "found Jesus" on the internet. He's probably lurking around here somewhere.

Anyway, this post has gone on longer than I wanted, so play around with the blog and I'll put up a real post later.


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