Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Atheist LULZ

OMG. There's a website where you can store a message to be emailed to your heathen friends after the Rapture! Check out the Wired article here or the site itself here. They also have a hilarious/scary blog with sample emails for after the rapture. I wonder how many people will fall for this obvious scam (hey, use the encrypted box for "personal private information such as passwords and letters to be sent to your closest lost relatives and friends.") and how these people will come up with their list of people they think will be left behind? Is it just any old sinner or only the serious ones? Gays, liberals and teenagers are sure to be on the list, but wait, maybe you should stop associating with such types!

By the way, people that seriously believe in the Rapture scare me. Its a very twisted way to look at historical events, whether it be the unification of Europe or the existence of Israel. Not to mention the way that it allows you to cop-out of major world problems by saying "hey, it will all be over soon."

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